Ultimate Power Strength Power Range Power Duration Cast Time Post-Cast Delay Usable in Air Usable Sliding Invulnerable Immune to CC Stun Enemies
4580 47m N/A N/A N/A
2748 Blast b
47m 6s 1s 1s
916 Heat b
35.25m 30.84s 2.2s N/A
2440 Impact b
Puncture bSlash bx36
58.75m N/A 1s 2.5s
2440 Cold b 35.25m 1s 2.4s 0.75s
1145 Impact b
(Chargers / Unshielded Tenno)
50m Variable 0.9s 0.9s Chargers / Ospreys
2290 Magnetic b 46.8m N/A 2.7s 0.75s
Shadow Copies: 16 Special 77.1s ? ?
1832 Blast b 58.75m Cast / 35.25m Explosion 60s 1.275s N/A
3435 Slash b
+ Absorbed Damage
23.5m 25.7s N/A N/A
2863 Corrosive b Radiation b 35.3m N/A 1.3s N/A
1832 Blast b 58.75m 8s 1.2s 8s Speed Reduced to 2.5%
2290 Corrosive b
35.25m 10.28s 0.9s N/A
N/A N/A 28.2s 1.2s N/A
4.0 damage multiplier 5m 77.1s N/A N/A
16 Magnetic b
?m 30.84s N/A N/A
2196 Electricity b
38m 4s 1.4s N/A