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Notes for all Abilities

  • Grenades are thrown in an arc pattern and are affected by gravity.
  • Can be attached to any surface, including team mates, sentinels, enemies, walls, and ceilings.
  • No known limit to the number that can be deployed at once.

Left Tesla Energia: 25Energy small.png Atalho: 1 TeslaCard.png
Launches a grenade that holds an electrical charge, zapping enemies that come within range.


  • Lasts for 40 seconds.
  • Can fire once every 3 seconds.
  • Decent Damage.
  • Increase in level increases damage and range at which the arc will hit an enemy.
  • Also has a small electric explosion on impact with a surface or enemy.
  • Can be used to stun lock certain enemies and bosses due to its electrical properties.

Left Bounce Energia: 50Energy small.png Atalho: 2 BounceCard.png
A deployable launch pad that can be attached to any surface. Use on enemies, squad members, or as a personal mobility tool.


  • Leveling increases the number of uses to max of 3.
  • 3 Seconds between uses of a single trap.
  • Launches the user approximately twice as high as a normal jump.
  • On some Grineer levels, this power may not work on glassy ship exterior surfaces.

Left Bastille Energia: 75Energy small.png Atalho: 3 BastilleCard.png
Creates an energy-based containment field in which captives are held suspended in stasis.


  • Rank 0-1: Radius of 6 meters.
  • Rank 2-3: Radius of 9 meters.
  • Will hold all enemies that enter the field even if they entered after the player has cast it.
  • Is affected by the Stretch mod.
  • Will not affect osprey or rollers.

Left Vortex Energia: 100Energy small.png Atalho: 4 VortexCard.png
Creates a whirling mass of energy that violently attracts nearby enemies, crushing their atoms into a tiny spec of matter.


  • Enemies get sucked through the vortex, thus no dead bodies are left behind: loot is still obtainable.
  • Loot is drawn into the vortex making it good for gathering materials up.
  • When running at the vortex, jump one meter before to perform a slow super high jump. all players benefit!
  • This skill seems to be bugged. What exactly is wrong is unknown/disputed.

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